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Dormitory Refrigerator

The majority of individuals believe – unsurprisingly – that a dorm refrigerator is only suitable for a college dormitory.  These folks believe that only university students can derive any benefit for an appliance that is so small.  However, these days the compact dormitory refrigerator has become increasingly popular in regular homes as a result of its versatility, convenience and size.  Below are a number of ideas about how you can use a college refrigerator even if you have not been at university for quite some time!

A dorm refrigerator would occupy prime position in a home office.  A number of individuals work from home even on a part-time basis.  By installing a dormitory refrigerator in your home office, you can store drinks and healthy snacks within your reach, thereby restricting the potential amount of distractions that you will possibly run into by going out to the kitchen every few minutes in order to satisfy your wants and needs.  A number of individuals like to switch off their phones, lock the office door and totally be isolated from the rest of the house.  They do not want to cut into their productivity by having to trek to the kitchen in order to get a drink of water when the need arises.

The rec room in the basement is another perfect location for a college refrigerator.  Back in the day, only the wealthiest families had basements that were finished; today however, finished basements are pretty much standard, especially as it relates to new construction.  As a result, in addition to the Blu-Ray player, the 60-inch plasma TV, Xbox 360 and high tech Dolby stereo system, ensure that you install a dormitory refrigerator close to those comfy couches so you will not have to pause the game or movie to make the journey all the way up those stairs in order to score some refreshments.

Other purposes for college refrigerator include in the workshop or garage, in the bedroom or on camping expeditions, provided that you purchase a special adaptor which will enable you to plug the dorm refrigerator into a cigarette lighter compartment of your vehicle or into a similar source of power.

Obviously, acquiring a dormitory refrigerator that is outfitted with a freezer is an added plus and fortunately a number of models are now available with a freezer compartment too.  As is to be expected, these are not especially large; however, they are normally big enough to accommodate an ice cube tray and a few boxes of your favorite delectable treats or some basic frozen foods.


Best Refrigerator Reviews

Sure it is easy to find a nice refrigerator unit just for the sake of having a refrigerator to aid you in storing your food.  But it is rare to find a refrigerator model that can truly complement your kitchens design requirements, that refrigerator model that looks and seems as if it’s been specially made for you.

With so many refrigerator models available today, it’s difficult and tedious to sort through them all to find out which one suit you best.  But that doesn’t mean that you cannot select your refrigerator in an easier way.  This method is to look at the many and varied refrigerator reviews available to assist fridge freezer buyers.

With the refrigerator industry heating up with competition from so many brands and designers battling for consumers discretionary spending dollars, it is somewhat a challenge for potential fridge buyers to find the right refrigerator model for them.  Reading refrigerator reviews can be a sanity saver in this task!

These is where you found out the distinct food preservation innovations offered by each refrigerator brand, which refrigerator brands are considered the cheapest and which  the most expensive, and which brand leaps out from the long list as the best refrigerator brand when it comes to  combining all factors of price, style and functionality.

In a typical scenario, customers who are planning to buy a new fridge would scour the internet for the best refrigerator reviews. With the usual disclaimers, refrigerator experts will sometimes issue a warning about the reviews posted on the internet as they may be clouded with marketing influences and promotional schemes.

If you have a friend who has a wide knowledge in fridges, then perhaps you may confide in him or her some of your concerns regarding choosing fridges, and you may get a personal recommendation.  It’s also recommended if you go after printed reviews about fridges – they have more credibility, especially if the tests and analysis are performed by a non-profit organization.

Portable Refrigerators

Whether you own an expensive recreational vehicle or you just love the joy of driving around random places with your car, you may want to consider buying a portable refrigerator.  It can be a form of a car fridge, a recreational vehicle freezer or any other fridge design from the large available selection of 12 volt appliances.

As long as it can deliver a decent enough refrigeration to preserve food and drinks then it’s going to be a good deal.  Any mobile refrigerator unit designed and manufactured from a reliable brand will provide excellent efficiency results in food preservation.  Keeping your food fresh and beverages chilled while you are on the road can never be this convenient.

If you are thinking of buying a mobile fridge then be wary of some of the great selections that are now flooding most of the appliance stores these days.  The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that not all brands of mobile fridges are reliable especially if they are distributed and manufactured by shady manufacturing brands.

Always go for the most reputable ones like Waeco, Koolatron, Dometic, Norcold – these are some of the best refrigerator brands that strive to improve the cooling interface of their refrigerator units from time to time, to keep up with the changing storage and cooling needs of consumers.

While it is true that there are other brands of mobile fridges available and that some of them perform well, not all of them are recommended because of the poor longevity.  Avoid cheap dorm fridges, these are not good for mobile use.

Mobile refrigerators like RV fridges, car fridges, portable coolers and freezers and other derivations of the same refrigerator brand are now high in number these days because of the growing enthusiasm for RVing, road trips and outdoor activities.  While it is true that it’s now easy to find a mobile fridge that you can bring along with anywhere you want to go, it’s always a good buying decision to go for the best-performing ones.

Sub Zero Refrigerator Parts

Sub Zero refrigerator models, for all their technical excellence and amazing ergonomic design, do occasionally malfunction.  But who says that one will be constantly buying Sub Zero refrigerator parts and accessories to repair or replace any malfunctioning parts of the fridge?

The thing about Sub-Zero fridge models is that they are built to be reliable, hard-wearing and high-performing.  They don’t easily break down; so most of the parts and accessories available for any Sub-Zero refrigerator model are for the sake of convenience, optimization and personalization.

Even though Sub Zero prides itself as an exclusive, sophisticated brand, it’s now even easier to access some of its recommended parts and accessories.  Here are some of the most popular ones –

  • Shelf component.  Nothing is more important than optimizing the full space efficiency of your fridge.  This shelf component is highly accessible in giant parts store and will help you carry out the most appropriate storage placement.
  • Drawer component.  Much like shelf components, the drawer component is essentially a crisper drawer for your Sub-Zero fridge.
  • Door and drawer front panels with handles.  Furnished with stainless steel finish, these panels are perfect as a design highlight for Sub-Zero fridges.  They are highly convenient as well.
  • Dual installation kit.  This feature is only available for Sub-Zero fridges that are installed side by side, for instance, the Sub-Zero all-freezer and all-refrigerator.
  • Technical parts like hinges, fasteners, flanges, venting components and many more are also available as well.

When it comes to buying Sub Zero parts and accessories – regardless of refrigerator dimensions and sizes – it’s important that you have to be careful and specific.  Few of the big box appliance stores have parts and accessories in stock, so you may need to contact an authorized Sub Zero dealer.  The Sub-Zero brand is not as heavily mass marketed like other brands so expect that finding the needed parts can be somewhat difficult.  But it’s still possible.

GE Refrigerator Repair Concerns

There’s no need to fret if your GE refrigerator broke down when there are lots of GE refrigerator troubleshooting tips and recommendations to explore.  Refrigerators as indispensable, always-in-operation appliances tend to wear out in terms of performance across time – regardless of your fridge brand or type, you need to be ready for this. From the smallest dormitory refrigerator to the largest side-by-side, any can break down.

Upon finding the something is wrong with their GE refrigerators; it’s only understandable that some people tend to get upset.  But after they have calmed down they will see the possible solutions and troubleshooting tips that are actually applicable and doable.  If one can keep their head under control, then it’s possible that they will not have to call the local repair serviceman.

Like any other refrigerator unit from other refrigerator brands, GE fridges go through the same expected range of troubleshooting and repair.  Some of the problems include cases in which the refrigerator is not too cold, refrigerator too cold, too much accumulated frost, pooling water on the floor, ice maker malfunction, bothering buzzing noises and many more.  Unless you’re a technician yourself, or you know well enough how to deal with these problems, these expected fridge troubles can cause stress to anyone.

But still, even the most common troubleshooting problems in refrigerators are just preludes to even more complex technical troubles in the appliance.  If you don’t know anything about refrigerator repair – especially GE refrigerator repair – then you might as well leave it to the pros.

This is the most accepted premise when it comes to facing fridge problems – it’s better to stay out of it in case you might end up aggravating the problem, rather than fixing it right.  In the case of GE fridges there’s no room for worries as the brand is reputable for their strong solid technical support, both in the areas of repair and maintenance.

Freezer Baskets For Freezer Storage

The freezer compartment in refrigerator units is one of the most essential storage compartments in a typical refrigerator design, mainly because of the low temperature levels it maintains.  Because low temperature is needed to retain the freshness and preserve the quality of meat, poultry and other frozen products, these items are highly recommended to be stored in freezers.

Now because bulk-buying has become a trend in most household settings, there are now independent freezer units available for sale to house all your extra food items.  But the question is this – despite buying an extra storage compartment for your bulk supplies, are you storing and preserving your food the right way?

The dilemma of storing and preserving food is even more crucial when it comes to freezers since the ergonomic design of this cooling system is usually horizontal (unless you’re buying an upright freezer).  Still, it’s best to buy lots of deep freezer baskets as much as you can so that you can categorize your frozen products according to types and kinds.  Whether in home or commercial settings, the freezer basket design is the only key feature that you’ll ever need in freezers.

Proper food placement or food storage is definitely one of the most ignored concepts when it comes to simple food safety measures.  Many people believe that for as long as the food product is inside the refrigerator or in the freezer, then it’s going to be okay.  True, there’s a major difference between a refrigerated food and a non-refrigerated one, but there is also a major difference as well between food that is stored well and food that seemed to be thrown inside the fridge and forgotten.

There may be a slight discrepancy in quality and the freshness but it all boils down to the idea that given proper food placement and food storage, food is more tasteful, well preserved and definitely safe to eat.